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The NC Justice Seeker

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Across North Carolina families are all coming together to give a voice to silenced stories of Racial Discrimination throughout the state.

Class Action State & Nation Wide Complaints Taken Here
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We are taking online complaints about Racial Discrimination against African American or Other Minority Groups, such as the Poor in North Carolina. Here are the areas we are addressing:

  • Daycare/Childcare Discrimination
  • K-12 School Discrimination
  • AIG or other Program Denial or Delay
  • Unnecessary or Cruel Punishment of Children
  • Teacher, School Officials Bullying or Intimidation
  • College/University Discrimination
  • Teacher, Principle, School Board, Superintendent Discrimination
  • Public/Elected Offical Discrimination
  • Child Protection Services, DSS, Foster Care
  • Police, Judge, Sheriff, Public Attorney Discrimination
  • Insufficient Investigations, Wrongful Arrest, Wrongful Court Proceedings, Witnessess Denied Right to Testify or Witness tampering, Sentencing Discrimination, Unjust Denial of Appeals
  • Denied the ability to open or run a minority business or non-profit
  • Discrimination in Public Buildings
  • Loan Discrimination
  • Credit Discrinination
  • Public Housing Credit Discrimination

How to Submit:

Video Submissions
Videos recorded on Mobile Phone email to  [email protected]
Videos in other Video formats email the file to [email protected]

Voice Recordings
Voice Recordings by Phone email the file to [email protected]

Written Documentation
The Form is right below to submit here online or email to [email protected]

Your Contact Info
Please tell us your name if you are the victim. If you are submitting on behalf of a person, give the victims name and your relation. Please state contact information in the begining of the tape and at the end. 

Organization(s) or Person(s) who discriminated against the victim
In your story please tell us names of people, if they hold public office and/or titles, all organizations contacted for help and all person asked to help or get involved, what the out come was of all those contacted if they help, ignored, delay response that hurt the situation more and how. Tell us of all involved organizations by name and contact infomation this is important to so that we can so a network of discrimination in all offices, agencies or organizations involved. All previous complaints unchanged to all or any person or organiations being local, state or federal. Your emails are evidence or phone records of phone calls. If you need to fax please call 919-285-9654.

Times and Dates
Estimations are fine such as Jan-March 2010 or March 1-15 2012 or Morning, Afternoon, or evening. Weekday or Weekend. If you don't have exacts that is fine, but you have to have something to show possibility or proof.

Include as many names, time and dates, emails, phone records, videos, pictures, written complaints as possible.

Please make sure you mention names when you say any of these common nouns. We want to follow you clearly as to who did what. 

Emotions on any recording is fine and there is no need to stop taping if the person gets emotional while talking.  
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Mother Prayed with Children, Lost Visitation Rights

Nikima Wilson's mother had a drug addiction, Nikki's mother addiction lead her to sell her Nikki to support her drug addiction. Nikki became pregnant by one of these men at the age of 11. Child Protection Services removed Nikki and her three siblings from their mother when Nikki was 32 weeks pregnant. Nikki alleges that her then Case Worker, Kathy Stone, pressured her into getting an abortion. Nikki was told your baby will only remind you of what happen to you. Nikki at the age of 11 said she can't live with murder and refused to have the abortion. Because it was extremely difficult and costly to place a teen and child together, Ms. Stone took Nikki child from her and deemed Nikki an unfit parent. It is policy if a person is found to be unfit to care for children, that no other children can be allowed to ever live with that person. Every child Nikki had after being rapped and her try to right the wrong by not having an abortion, being deemed unfit, CPS has removed every single child she has ever had even if she lived in a different state, stating the children were in immediate danger, no matter the housing, clothing, food, or loving care she provided or others who testified on her behalf, they took her children one by one and refuses to allow her family members to take custody or even assess their homes to take custody of the children. Nikki being a Christian Prayed for her children and taught them to plead the blood of the Lamb, because of this CPS terminated her visitation rights and have now moved to terminate her parental rights to her youngest children. CPS states because she was raped and molested while in foster care she is too traumatized to care for any children. We are seeking a Civil Rights Lawyer who with statistics can bring a clear case of Racial Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, and Disability Discrimination and possible Age Discrimination. We know with paper work they have taken all her children based upon her being raped at 11 and giving birth to her child. Through this one child she had at the age of 11 they deemed her an unfit parent and have used it to base taking every other child since then. Please contact us if you are interested in this case or know a lawyer that might be.

Here is the story of Olga, a Puerto Rican mother and son who have been racially discriminated against, criminalized and financially devastated by public officials acts of Racial Discrimination, who still seeks justice. 

Cory, a young man who has been called nigger almost everyday at a Robeson County school, who was retaliated against and criminalized for reporting Racial Discrimination. Public officials tactic of intimidation to make the family back down was to riddle Cory with trumped up charges and multiple suspension from school. All this was done to Cory affecting his ability to learn while at school, with nothing being done to the students who called him NIGGER on a daily basis.

Two Mothers who pleaded for help for their children when they were being discriminated against.

Families that claim Racial Discrimination from a DOI field agent Micky J. Biggs, a building story.

Raleigh, N.C. — A former police officer who worked with Raleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan 15 years ago is echoing the recent claims made by some Raleigh police officers that Dolan targeted them.

The Raleigh Police Department investigated officers in the Southeast Raleigh Substation earlier this year amid accusations that they had sex with prostitutes. Several resigned, were fired or were placed on administrative leave.

Sgt. Rick Armstrong was cleared in the probe but was fired in July after investigators found evidence that he had sex with a woman while on duty. Armstrong denies that allegation and is fighting to regain his job.

A 14-year veteran of the police department, Armstrong was head of the Raleigh Police Protective Association, a professional group that represents the interests of police officers.

He has said that he believes Dolan doesn't like the RPPA because it has disagreed with him in the past about how officers are promoted and their salary grades.

Dolan justified Armstrong's firing in an Aug. 18 letter.

When Walter McNeill heard about Armstrong's case, details about his own run-in with Dolan came rushing back.

"Sparks just went off, like a bomb. I mean, it was like a bomb again. It started all over again," McNeill told WRAL Investigates recently.

A Lumberton police officer for 20 years, McNeill was demoted in 1997 by Dolan, who was chief of the Lumberton Police Department from 1992 to 1998. Dolan accused him of having sex with a woman while off-duty – an encounter that was reportedly broadcast on his hand-held police radio.

"It was not true," McNeill said. "I lost all confidence in Harry Dolan."

Another former Lumberton officer, KeVin Graham, said he told internal affairs investigators that the profane radio transmission didn't come from McNeill's radio. Instead, Graham said, it came from his hand-held radio as he chased and tried to subdue a female suspect.

Graham, who now works in the mental health field, told WRAL Investigates that he was disappointed that Dolan and internal affairs investigators didn't believe him.

"We're law enforcement officers, and we're supposed to uphold the law," he said.

Dolan issued a statement Thursday to WRAL Investigates, saying that McNeill's case "was handled properly and in full accordance with all applicable policies."

He noted that McNeill didn't appeal the demotion after Lumberton's Personnel Board upheld it and continued to work for the police department.

"I am at a loss to explain why Mr. McNeill may have chosen to publicly raise the issues from 1996-97 now, rather than legally pursuing them when he could have done so," Dolan said. "However, I know that I would have been negligent in my responsibilities if I had failed to order a departmental investigation of the occurrence involving then-Sgt. McNeill and at least equally as remiss if I had failed to prescribe appropriate discipline when presented with the findings of the department’s internal investigation.”

Mickey Biggs, the retired internal affairs investigator for the Lumberton Police Department, said McNeill never took responsibility for his actions and continues to hold a grudge over his demotion.

Biggs said the department's investigation also included the allegations of one woman who said McNeill groped her and a second woman who said he propositioned her. Neither woman testified at the grievance hearing, but he said that was because they feared retaliation from McNeill.

McNeill has denied harassing either woman.

Biggs also discounted Graham's testimony, saying it may have been racially motivated because Graham and McNeill are black and Dolan white.

"I believe it was a good, thorough investigation at the time, and I still believe in the decisions that were made, and I still stand by those," Biggs said.

McNeill claims that Dolan targeted him because he stumbled in on a meeting of officers he supervised in the fall of 1996. He never learned what the meeting was about, but he reported the incident to his supervisor.

"He said the chief was upset with me," McNeill said.

McNeill worked for the Lumberton Police Department for two years after his demotion – he was never able to regain his previous rank – and retired after a motorcycle accident in 1999.

Both he and Graham said they believe Dolan spearheaded McNeill's downward spiral at the department.

"It starts at the top – the chief right on down to the internal affairs division," Graham said.

"The chief was the ringleader. The chief was the ringleader," said McNeill, who wonders if the same thing is happening now with Dolan in Raleigh.

"He's got a problem. He needs to stop saying these things about police officers," McNeill said.