The NC Justice Seeker

The NC Justice Seeker

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This website is a collection of North Carolina reports of Racial Discrimination. We bring together news and videos that exposes unjust acts of racial inequality.

We look to report news or stories of racial discrimination throughout the state of North Carolina. We work with all agencies and individuals.

We would be interested in talking with you if you have a story of racial discrimination concerning:
  • School Teacher/Classroom discrimination with unfair disciplinary actions or punishments of minority students
  • School Administration discrimination of adult staff bullying, degrading or harassing minority students. 
  • School Administration, School Board, State Board failing to take action on behalf of a complaining minority child/parent
  • Office of Civil Rights complaint is being filed, OCR has started an investigation, or the OCR has returned findings in the favor of the complainant
  • Police Brutality, Racial Discrimination, unjust investigations, wrongful arrests
  • Magistrates or Judges deny rights to file charges on behalf of a minority complainant against a white person who is the accused
  • Unable to file complaint with any state agency that will take action or investigate reports of racial discrimination
  • State agencies failing to take action on behalf of minority complainant
  • Racial discrimination from Public Officials
  • Racial discrimination against public businesses
  • News Papers or TV News reporting agencies unwillingness to report acts of racial discrimination    

If you have  news articles, videos, a group of people or individual stories that you would like to have us report on by writing news articles or video taping your story please feel free to contact us.

             Telethia Denise Barrett, The NC Justice Seeker